Dry Meat Recipe

Dry Meat Recipe

Let's go to the kitchen and prepare a tidy Northeastern dish with dried meat? This recipe is great to accompany barbecues and more, as it also makes a valid option to take in the lunch box to work or to the beach.

Here at TudoReceitas I share with you my recipe for tidy dried meat, bacon black-eyed beans and vinaigrette. The tidy is a very typical and economical dish in the Northeast. It received this name because, when serving, it is traditionally arranged in portions or layers: the beans underneath, then the farofa, then the meat and so on. In this case I mixed all the ingredients of the tidy in a bowl, like a cold salad, and the result is very tasty to serve as a starter too.

See below how to make a tidy northeastern step by step in photos and try it out!

Ingredients for making dried meat tidy:

 500 grams of black-eyed beans or green beans soaked for 8 hours

 3 tomatoes

 2 onions

 1 small pepper

 dried meat (beef jerky) and bacon (optional) to taste

 green smell (chopped cilantro and chives) to taste


 dye (annatto)


How to make jerky dry meat:

Put the beans to cook with water and salt (approximately 1 teaspoon of salt) until just right. Drain and set aside until cool.

Check out our tips on how to season beans.

Cut the dried meat and bacon into cubes and fry in a skillet until golden. Add a little coloring (annatto) to get a more appetizing color. Turn off and reserve.

Tip: If the bacon has a lot of fat, you don't need to add oil to the pan, it will drop the fat itself to fry along with the jerky.

Make the vinaigrette with the tomato, onion, pepper and green scent, all chopped into pieces. Season with salt and vinegar and set aside.

Take the cooked beans and place them in a container of your choice. Add the fried meat and vinaigrette, mix and serve! This is a suggestion of cold salad for barbecue and beyond. Try it out and let us know in the comments what you think.

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Tip: You can also serve the tidy as a main dish, with white rice, farofa and fried chicken.

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